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College of Ayurved, Pune


The gold standard to judge popularity and usefulness of any scientific branch is associated with the deliverable research activities in the branch. This is because active research indicates addition of new dimensions of applications which in turn is a marker of liveliness, vibrancy and futuristic approach of the branch. Research in health sector is of utmost importance pertaining to immediate application of the outcome to relieve human beings from pain and agony.

BVDU, College of Ayurved has identified some areas of high priority due to their potential to address and solve current health problems and issues. These have been dealt with a methodical approach by eminent professors and faculty members of the college. The national and international collaborations to carry out the research projects underline the difference between other institutes and BVDU

Some of the areas are
  • Mother and child – epigenetics of metabolic diseases
  • Cancers of specific types
  • Neuropsychology
  • Diabetes and Osteoarthritis

Any national/international/state level seminars, ROTP, CME etc.

  • Dhanvantari poojan and Interaction of Doctors with Patients" On 25th October as celebration of National Ayurved Day
  • CME for Ayurved Practitioners on 30 November 2019
  • CME for Ayurved practitioners regarding Pharamaco vigilance Awareness programme on 19 December 2019

Publication by college and teaching staff

Our faculty has published 52 research papers in indexed journals which has impact factor from 0.5 to 7.5. Faculty presented 10 papers in international conferences. 03 books of faculty were published.

Research activities:

Funded Research projects, Ongoing - Major projects 03, Sanctioned project 01 by ICMR and 01 by Ministry of AYUSH, Ph. D. level research projects, Completed - 04, ongoing- 54.

Total 35 faculty members have attended national and international conferences.

Awards won by teaching staffs and students

  • Dr. Kirti Bhati, Dr. Santosh Chavan Best teacher awards from Teacher association- August 2019
  • Dr. Manasi Deshpande- CCRAS AYUSH award for Best Teacher in Literary Research Teaching and Vidyarthi Shilpakar 2019 Award from Nanal foundation, August 2019and 02 PG students won best poster presentation awards.

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