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College of Ayurved, Pune

Events organized

Interactive Session with Prof. Dr. Madan Thangavelu : 13/12/22

Research Cell : Interactive Session with Prof. Dr. Madan Thangavelu : 13/12/22

Prof. Dr. Madan Thangavelu, Genome Biologist at Cambridge University, UK and The Director of European Ayurveda Association visited our institute on 13th December 2022. He interacted with faculty members and PG student on possible research perspectives and avenues for Ayurvedic Research projects.

Dr Prasad Pandkar moderated the session wherein Prof. Madan ji shared his journey from agriculture scientist to cancer genome biologist. He shared his experience of meeting Dr. Watson and Creek who deciphered the DNA structure and worked in the same lab at Cambridge. He then started working as cancer biologist at the Medical center, that’s how he got interested towards Ayurvedic knowledge discipline. He emphasized that as he learned Ayurveda, the young Ayurvedic students must learn modern science and make use of it for taking Ayurveda to the scientific fraternity of the world. The future of Ayurveda is bright only if the dialogue gets strengthened based on evidence.

Total 18 Faculty members and 5 PG students actively participated in the session. Prof. Dr. Asmita Wele convened the event, Prof. Santosh Chavan facilitated it and Hon Principal Prof. Dr. Abhijeet Patil felicitated Prof. Madan Thangavelu.

The program was held on 13th December between 2:30 to 5:00 pm and was organized by Bharati Vidyapeeth (DtbU) College of Ayurveda and Hospital, Research Cell


CME on Psoriasis : 22/11/22

CME on Psoriasis : 22/11/22

Student support cell of BVDU, College of Ayurved and Charak Pahrma Pvt. Ltd have organized CME program on Psoriasis on 22/11/22 for Postgraduate and Intern students, in Bharati Vidyapeeth Ayurved College and Hospital.

Dr. Nitin Berde, marketing manager of Charak Pharma has briefed about Charak Pharma Company and different formulations used for various conditions as well in treatment of psoriasis. Dr. Santosh Chavan, Prof Panchkarma department has enlightened in brief about psoriasis etio-pathogenesis and management in perspective of ayurvedic and modern science.

To enhance quality research in ayurvedic pharmaceutics and motivate students to develop their skills, from this year Charak Pharma initiated to offer scholarships to PG students of Rasashastra Bhaishajyakalpana. In this program two selected first year PG students [Dr. Shivani Bhinde and Dr. Neha Naikawadi] have received cheque of scholarship in the hands of Dr. Berde Nitin, Director, Dr. Shubhangi Katkar and Deputy Director Dr. Umesh Vaidya of BVDU Ayurved Hospital. Dr. Madhuri Pawar, Secretary of Student support cell has accomplished this program proficiently and owe her thanks to all personages and students.

Photographs of the event

PG students of department of Rasashastra Bhaishajyakalpana : Received scholarship

National Webinar on "Agadtantra" : 15 Nov. 2022

National Webinar on "Agadtantra" : 15 Nov. 2022

The Department of Agadtantra, College of Ayurved, Bharati Vidyapeeth (Deemed to be University), Pune, Maharashtra has organized a national webinar on Agadtantra on Tuesday, 15 November 2022. Total 160 participants across the India joined the webinar and participated actively in the marathon question-answer session.

Dr. V.P.Joglekar from Pune and Dr. Mahesh Savalagimath from Belgum have delivered lectures on ‘Toxicogenomics’ and ‘Clinical application of Agadas’ respectively. The first lecture covered the genomic study relevance in the understanding of toxicant effects and second lecture imparted clinical utility of various agada ( antitoxic formulations) in Ayurved practice.

Dr. Sarita Kapgate, HOD- Agadtantra has addressed the objective of the webinar and Dr. Abhijit Patil, Principal has given the welcome speech for this webinar. Dr. Prasad Namewar and Dr. Suryajeet Pawar introduced the guest speakers whereas Dr. Shobhit Dave did the vote of thanks.

College ICT Team and Social media co-ordinator contributed in the success of the webinar.

Ayurveda Day 2022

Ayurveda Day Celebrationw 23/10/2022

23/10/2022: Bharati Vidyapeeth (Deemed to be) University, College of Ayurved, has arranged the ‘Ayurveda Day’ celebration at the hospital. The report of activity of ‘Har Din Har Ghar Ayurved’ was presented. The highlight of program was experiences shared by patients regarding the successful treatments received by them at Bharati Vidyapeeth (Deemed to be) University, College of Ayurved, Pune.

National Webinar on "Neurodevelopmental Disorders in Children" : 28-30 June 2022

National Webinar on "Neurodevelopmental Disorders in Children" : 28-30 June 2022

Department of Kaumarbhritya conducted a 3 days National Webinar from 28th - 30th June 2022 on “Neurodevelopmental Disorders in children”

The webinar focused on the diagnosis and management of Cerebral Palsy and Autism spectrum disorders through a trans-disciplinary approach. The webinar also highlighted the recent advances, and clinical trials and not to be missed the key aspect of research. The Ayurved approach contributed effectively to the improvement of the quality of life of these children. In this webinar main focus was on the Keraliya therapy approach of Ayurveda. We had resource persons of multifaceted expertise with Keraliya therapy as a major focus, and also biomedicine aspect was respected the most.

The resources persons for the webinar were:

Day 1

  1. Dr. Reena Kulkarni, Prof and Head, Department of Kaumarabhritya, SDM Institute of Ayurveda and Hospital, Bengaluru
    Topic: Sambodhi-Ayurveda Protocol for Autism spectrum disorders.

  2. Dr. Shailaja U, Prof and Head, Department of Kaumarabhritya SDM College of Ayurved and Hospital, Hassan
    Topic: Utility of Suvarna Yogas in Neurodevelopmental Disorders

  3. Dr. Sreekumar Nampoothiri, Former District Medical Officer, Kozhikode Dist Former Specialist Medical Officer, NAM. Founder and Former Coordinator, Trainer, SPADNAM project
    Topic: The transdisciplinary approach in the management of Autism Spectrum Disorders

  4. Dr. Preetham Pai, Associate prof, Department of Kaumarabharitya, College of Ayurveda, BVDU, Pune
    Topic: Study the effect of oral administration of Kalyanaka Ghritam in Pediatric spastic of Cerebral Palsy research project funded by Ministry of Ayush, GOI

Day 2

  1. Dr.Roshni Anirudhan, Professor & Head, Department of Kaumarabhrithya Govt.Ayurveda College, Kannur
    Topic: Recent advances in the Management of Autism Spectrum disorders

  2. Dr. Sunil Godbole, MBBS, MD(Ped), Developmental Pediatrician, Chiranjeev Child diet and Development Centre, Pune. Head of the Department, Small Steps Morris Autism and Child Development Centre, Deenath Mangeshkar Hospital and Research Centre, Pune
    Topic: An approach toward neurodevelopmental disorders.

  3. Dr. Asmita Ashish Wele, Prof & Head, Dept of Rasashastra and Bhaisajayakalpanavigyan (Ayurveda Pharmacology), Bharati Vidyapeeth (Deemed to be University) College of Ayurved, Pune
    Topic: Converting Research into an Article

  4. DR.Sharmila Patil, MBBS, DCH, Diploma in Child Psychology, Fell Dev Beh Ped. Director, Jellybeans Child Care and Development Centre, Bavdhan, Pune. In-Charge Consultant Development and Behavioural Paediatrician: TDH, KEM Hospital, Pune
    Topic: Recent advances in the management of autism spectrum disorder

International Yoga Day Celebration 2022

International Yoga Day Celebration 21 June 2022

Basic Workshop of Research Methodology : 18-20 May 2022

Basic Workshop of Research Methodology : 18-20 May 2022

The Research Cell of College of Ayurveda, Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed to be University has organised a three days workshop on Research Methods, from 18th to 20th May 2022. Hon'ble Vice Chancellor Prof. Manikrao Salunke inaugurated the workshop. He inspired the participants by sharing his Research journey spanning over 40 years. Total 12 resource persons from different Health institutions from Pune will guide more than 30 Ayurveda faculty members. Principal Prof. Dr. Abhijit Patil along with Research Cell team facilitated the workshop. It is an initiative as per UGC and IQAC guideline of faculty development program.

Pharmacists Day celebrations : 2021

Pharmacists Day celebrations : 2021

Pharmacy council of India has announced the ‘’Pharmacist Day’’ to celebrate on 25 September as ‘World Pharmacist Day’ and requested to celebrate this day every year.

As per the directives; department of Rasashastra and Bheshajya Kalpana has organized a program on 25.09.21 from 10.00 am to 12.00 noon , in Bharati Vidyapeeth (Deemed to be University), College of Ayurved & Hospital, Dhankawadi, Pune to owe our deep gratitude towards the pharmacists working in hospital and mini teaching pharmacy unit of College of Ayurved.

A program started with praying to Lord Dhanwantari. Dr. Santosh Mulik, HOD. Shalakya department, welcomed all the dignitaries, pharmacists, nursing and other hospital staff. He explained the significance of celebration of pharmacist day.

Greetings to pharmacists -Mr. Dhiaryashil Sawant, Mr. Dattatray Jadhav, Mrs. Sakshi Yenpure, Mrs. Manisha Kolge., Mrs. Shailajja Gogawale, Mr.. Ajit Bhosale and Miss Dipali was done in hands of Dr. Shubhangi Katkar[ Director], Dr. Asmita Wele [ HOD ], Dr. Madhuri Pawar and other senior clinicians by presenting them floral bouquet and a small gift.

Dr. Madhuri Pawar, acknowledged and appreciate pharmacist’s sincere efforts in delivering essential services towards patients and obliged deep gratitude for them. Dr. Shubahngi Katkar and Dr. Asmita Wele delighted and expressed their thankfulness to all pharmacists and expected them to work hard to provide quality services for OPD and IPD patients. Mr. DB Jadhav, a representative of pharmacist obliged his thanks to all the organizing members and assured to continue their work and services with dedication and sincerity. The Faculty of all clinical department admitted the sincere efforts of pharmacists. The program ended with a small informal get together over snacks and tea.

National Level CME : 27 Sept. to 02 Oct.

National Level CME : 27 Sept. to 02 Oct. 2021

CME/RoTP in Kaumarabhritya, organized by Department of Kaumarabhritya, from 27.09.2021 to 02.10.2021, and was sponsored by Rashtriya Ayurved Vidyapeeth, Ministry of AYUSH, New Delhi

  1. National level CME: Department of Kaumarabhrutya

Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav 2021-22

Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav 2021-22

  1. Azadi Ka Amrut Mahotsav 21-22

Ayur-Bharati Webinar Series (2020) Videos

Links for Ayur-Bharati Webinar Series (2020) Videos:

  1. Facebook
  2. Youtube

Pharmacist Day 2019

Pharmacist Day 2019

Pharmacist Day was celebrated in Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Ayurved and Ayurved Hospital on 25 September 2019. Department of Rasashastra Evum Bhaishajya Kalpana had taken initiative to celebrate Pharmacist Day.

  1. Detailed Report...

Balrog National Webinar

Balrog National Webinar

  1. Balrog National Webinar

Workshop on Novel Coronavirus Infection

Workshop on Noval Coronavis Infection

Workshop on Novel Coronavirus Infection (Risk, Mitigation and Managing Epidemics)

One day CME : 30th Nov. 2019

One day CME : 30th Nov. 2019

One day CME was organized by BV (DU) College of Ayurveda and Hospital, and Maharshi Ayurveda Products Pvt. Ltd. on 30th Nov 2019. Prof. Dr. Abhijeet Patil, Prof. Dr. Swati Mohite, Dr. Shubhangi Katkar and Dr. Aniket Patil were present for the occasion.

Dr. Yogesh spoke about "Transcendental Meditation the Unique way of maintaining health". It was followed by question and answer session.

There were some presentations on Maharshi Ayurveda Products and clinical data.

180 participants benefited in the CME.

Celebration of Pharmacist Day

Celebration of Pharmacist Day

Department of Rasashastra Evum Bhaishajya kalpana celebrated Pharmacist day in Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Ayurved and Ayurved Hospital on 25th September 2019.

Pharmacist day is an acknowledgment to hard work of pharmacist and to understand the role of Pharmacist, recognize and value their work and owe thanks to them for providing health services to patient.

On this day Pharmacists working in BVDU Ayurved Hospital were invited for the program. Director of Ayurved Hospital, HOD of Shalyatantra and Stree Rog Prasuti tantra, Dr. Nandini More and Dr.Trupti Patil were gathered to fulfil the purpose of that program.

Dr. Atul Gaikwad gave welcome speech, afterwards Dr. Madhuri Pawar, HOD of Rasashastra delivered a brief speech on the important roles of pharmacists providing healthcare services towards community. She owes deep thanks for their hard work in manufacture and dispensing of ayurvedic medicines.

Dr. Shubahngi Katkar, Dr. Umesh Vaidya, Dr. Swati Mohite have appreciated their good behavior, promptness and soft spoken skills. They have guided them to maintain these healthy practices while providing appropriate health care services, to fulfill patients need.

Lecture Series on Emergency Medical Services

Lecture Series on Emergency Medical Services

A Lecture series of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) was organized for IIIrd and IVth BAMS students from Monday, 21/01/2019 to Friday, 25/01/2019. Dr. Padmanabh Keskar, EMS faculty at Ruby Hall Clinic explained the basics of EMS with hands on training of various case scenarios e.g. Coronary cases, Oregano phosphorus poisoning, and Snake bite management, anaphylactic shock, convulsions, drawing etc. 170+ students enthusiastically interacted with the expert and participated in group activities.

Academic incharges Dr. Santosh Mulik, Dr. Amit Paliwal, Dr. Mrudula Kulkarni and Dr. Ruta Kadam coordinated the event.

Training Program- Basic Life Support-D

Training Program- Basic Life Support-D

Basic Life Support- D Training Program was conducted in Bharati Vidyapeeth Ayurved Hospital during the period 28 Jan 2019 to 8 Feb2019. The training program was initiated by CME cell of NABH-Prof. Swati S Mohite, Prof. Pramod Diwan & Dr. Gajanan Patil and was Co-ordinated by Dr. Narendra Khairnar, Dr. Snehalata Salunkhe, Mrs. Sheetal Kulkarni & Mr. Santosh Garud. The trainer appointed for this program were Dr. D L Shinde,Dr. M P Mahajan,Dr. P S Sawant,Dr. S A Dhurve,Dr. S S Salunkhe,Dr. V B Pawar, Dr. S E Chavan, Dr. B M Rokade, Dr. A A Paliwal,Dr. Sarita S Mulik, Dr. Sheetal Pudale. Total 248 members of hospital including medical, para-medical and non-paramedical staff was benefited by BLS – D Training Program under Dept. of Kayachikitsa.

Seminar on Correct Nebulization Practices : 25th Jan 2019

Seminar on Correct Nebulization Practices

CME cell of Bharati Ayurveda College conducted seminar on Correct Nebulization Practices at Bharati Ayurveda Hospital, 3rd floor CME hall on 25/01/2019. The invited speakers were Pulmonary medicine faculty, Dr Medha Bargaje and Dr. Kushal Chidagupkar.

All Interns, PG scholars and clinical faculty attended this seminar.

Seminar on How to collect samples for sending to Lab : 18th Jan 2019

Seminar on ‘How to collect samples for sending to Lab’

On 18/01/2019 CME cell of Bharati Ayurveda College conducted seminar on ‘How to collect samples for sending to Lab’ in Bharati Ayurveda Hospital, 3rd floor CME hall. The guest speakers were pathologists Dr. Sudhir Patsute and Dr Manoj Samant. All Interns, PG scholars and clinical faculty attended this seminar. This seminar was very helpful for all attended audience.

Workshop on Faculty Development Programme : 10th Dec 2018

Workshop on Faculty Development Programme

Workshop on Faculty development programme was jointly organized by College of Ayurved, Pune and BV(DU) Internal Quality Assurance cell on 10th December 2018. It was a SIX days workshop which included Thirty Three (33) faculty member as participants from BV(DU) College of Ayurved.

The inauguration of the workshop was done by Honorable Vice Chancellor Prof.Dr. M. M. Salunkhe at Bharati Vidyapeeth (Deemed to be University) College of Ayurved on Monday 10th December 2018. Motivating and informative lectures were given by Twenty Four (24) resource professionals.

Dr. N. S. Mani Principal Bharati Vidyapeeth (Deemed to be University) Medical College, explained Medical teaching Technology in an elaborate manner. Ex–Director Dr. M. S. Prasad BV (DU) delivered specific lecture on use of ICT in research. Dr. Sachin Kadam Director ICT played an important role in organization of this entire Faculty development programme. In the end valedictory speech was given by Dr. Madhuri Pawar Professor and Head of department of Rasashtara and Bhaishjyakalpana.

Other events organized

BVDU, College of Ayurved, Pune organizes various seminars and conferences and health camps frequently. Some major events are enlisted below:

International Seminar

International Seminar

  • ‘1st International conference on Advances in Asian Medicine (ICAAM) at Orchid Hotel Pune from 4th to 7th January, 2016’
  • Global Ayurveda conference & health expo-2009’ at Bharati vidyapeeth Educational Complex, Pune – Satara Road, on 9th –11th Jan 2009

National Seminar

National Seminar

  • 2nd National Seminar on Preventive and Curative Ayurvedic Therapies for the Respiratory Tract Diseases in Children , 19 January 2013
  • 5th National Conference on Shalakya Tantra jointly in, April 2011
  • National symposium ‘Integrative Research : What & How?’ in association with IASTAM March2011
  • National Seminar & Workshop on ‘Squint’ in Shalakyatantra was organized on 6th, 7th & 8th Jan. 2007
  • National Seminar on Diabetes Mellitus –Holistic approach on 8th Jan 2003
  • National Symposium on Research Methodology on Ayurveda on 5-6th Sep 2001
  • National Seminar & Workshop on Shalakyatantra on 15th Jan. 2000.
  • National seminar and workshop on ‘Uttarbasti’ on 27th Feb 1999.
  • National seminar on Uttarbasti, 1998.
  • National seminar and workshop on ‘Management of Arsha’ in August 1998.

Various Development Programs and Activities

Various Development Programs and Activities

  • Yoga training camp held in collaboration with Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga, new Delhi in Dec’08
  • National level Re-orientation training programme for teachers in Kriya Sharir sponsored by AYUSH, Ministry of H & FW, Govt. of India, New Delhi, 2009.
  • Health awareness sessions for senior citizens held at BVMF’s Ayurved hospital in Aug’09
  • CME for Teachers in Rasashstra Bhaishyajaya Kalpana sponsored by RAV, AYUSH in 2010.
  • National level Interactive Workshop for teachers and PG students in Kriya Sharir in association with R.A.V. AYUSH, Ministry of H & FW, Govt. of India, New Delhi, 2010
  • Faculty Development Programme – Workshops on Teaching technology, Research, ICT were organized from 10thDecember to 15th December 2018. Total 44 faculty members were participated.
  • Number of NABH training programmes conducted for Doctors, Paramedical staff, Non-teaching staff- 104

Health Camps

Health Camps

  • Bharati Vidyapeeth Medical Foundation’s Ayurved Hospital has been conducting General Health Camps and Special Camps on a regular basis in rural (Adopted villages) as well as in urban colonies.
  • The purpose is to generate Health Awareness and provide Diagnostics and Treatments to the doorsteps of the most underprivileged population living in remote rural areas who are either out of reach from healthcare facilities or too poor to afford it. Students get exposure to diseases of all social categories & seasonal outbreaks by attending such Health camps & School Health camps.
  • Every month Hospital organizes free health check up camp, since 2004 till date. Ayurved Hospital has organized more than 300 Camps, it includes General Health Camps & Special Camps It provides integrated healthcare services such as preventive, curative and referral. More than75000 patients are benefitted in this camp

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